Online investment courses and webinars by a trader with
15 years' worth of experience

Simple and exciting classes on how to invest and earn using your head!

    ✅ You will understand basic market concepts, the basics of technical analysis and investment strategies.

    ✅You will gain a skill in making money anywhere, unbound by time, boss or loans.

    ✅ You will understand the principles of the stock market and you will be able to critically evaluate which investments are right for you.

    ✅ You will get to ask any question in the chat room which won't disappear after the end.

    In any circumstances. Both during stability and crisis.

    Online Classes
    Only a fast Internet connection and a computer/smart phone are required to complete the course. All classes are held on the same platform.
    Personalized Group Chats
    All course participants are invited to a private Telegram chat room where they can ask questions both during and after the course. We create small chat rooms based on a broker chosen so you don't get sidetracked by other trading terminals.
    A Lot. Of. Practice.
    You're going to have to do homework! No worries, though, you can always get feedback from me and the supervisors, or ask a broker representative who is around on the course platform.
    Streaming Aimed at Practice
    I will answer all of your questions live, help build levels and charts using TA and give you relevant tips.
    My name is Svetlana Nagornaya; I was born and raised in St. Petersburg.

    I graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a major in Economics in 2008 and Faculty of Physics at the Herzen State Pedagogical University with a major in Pedagogics taught in English, in 2007.

    I have been successfully trading on the stock market since I was 19. I first dipped my toe in investment using my RUB 200 student allowance. I have been working as CFO for an IT company from 2009 to date; I used to own an e-currency exchange project, a chain of stores and even a restaurant in Miami. And now I am focusing on my long-time passion for trading and teaching the craft, thus turning the market into a place of work and main source of income.
    I am now 35. I have three children, and even while on maternity leave, I keep trading on the stock market. Business projects come and go, my family settles down either in Russia, the United States or Malta, but trading is a constant in my life.

    During my courses and webinars, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained in my 15 years' worth of practice. Feel free to join!
    For any inquiries